Cars, lorries and busses Sweden


In 1954, Lars Larsson had an idea.
Lars wanted a vehicle that could bring him, and his brother out on fishing trips in the winter.

Being the chief design engineer of “AB Westerås maskiner”, he was used to build complex machinery for the agricultural sector.

Lars ended up with a design, that he chose to mass produce, and the “Aktiv Fischer Snow Trac” went into production only three years later, in 1957.

The Snow-Trac became very popular, and more than half of them were exported to North America.

2.265 snowtracks were built in Sweden between 1957 and 1981, and about 50 were built in Scotland.


The front mounted engine was an aircooled flat four (boxer) engine from Volkswagen. It was an industrial version of the VW Beetle engine, often used for stationary pumps and generators.

The transmission was sourced from Volkswagens popular bus.

Eventually the Volkswagen centred design was the reason, that the company stopped producing the popular Snow-Trac. In 1981 Volkswagen ended production of their aircooled engine, and the Snow-Trac factory was closed.


A special version was built for Antarctic use, with a forward leaning cabin, and a more powerful Porsche engine.

N.A.T.O. and the Rpyal Marines had specially militarized models constructed. Some of them were mounted with an anti-tank gun, the 120mm recoilless L6 Wombat.

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