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Shipyards of the world

Since we began transporting goods and passengers over water, shipyards have built vessels to transport them in. Asia South Korea Hyundai Hyundai is a huge company, that is best known for their cars, but have factories manufacturing everything from electronic components to supertankers. Eurasia Australia Austal Europe Denmark Denmark, home of Vikings, and the worlds […]

The 1944 Yazoo River Railroad Swing Bridge
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Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies have manufactured anything from toys to space rockets, spoons to suspension bridges. Denmark Dansk Aluminium Industi Illinois, USA Bates & Rogers Manufacturing Co. Bates & Rogers Manufacturing Co. built a series of railway bridges and tunnels. Indiana, USA Deterling Manufacturing Company Deterling Manufacturing Company built “Talking machines” in Indiana.

The Tubular Bridge at The Gobbins, with its creator Berkley Deane Wiise with his wife - Postcard - 1902
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Bridges have been built since the first tree fell over a creek, and let anyone who wanted to pass.Since then many an impressive bridge has been erected using wood, steel and concrete. The Tubular Bridge at The Gobbins Europe Denmark The Great Belt Bridge Gibraltar A Gibraltar Straight Bridge United States of America Mississippi Yazoo […]