Chemical Factory H. Jørgensens Kemiske Fabriker

H. Jørgensens Kemiske Fabriker

H. Jørgensens Kemiske Fabriker (H. Jørgensen’s Chemical Factories) was a chemical factory in Copenhagen Denmark. In 1928 it was owned by H. Jørgensen, and based at Vesterbrogade 57 in Copenhagen THey produced Amyl Acetate, Amyl Alcohol, Ferrum Reductum, Hiozin Nursery Powder, Ethyl Chloride etc. Known products Hiozin was a children’s powder


Ruston & Hornsby

Ruston & Hornsby was established on the September 11th, 1918, when the to companies “Ruston, Proctor and Company” merged with “Richard Hornsby & Sons”. Aero engines 3.000 aero engines were manufactured at the factory during WWI Aeroplanes During the first world war, Ruston & Hornsby was Britain’s largest manufacturer of Sopwith Camel biplanes for the […]

The 1944 Yazoo River Railroad Swing Bridge
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Manufacturing companies have manufactured anything from toys to space rockets, spoons to suspension bridges. Denmark Dansk Aluminium Industi Illinois, USA Bates & Rogers Manufacturing Co. Bates & Rogers Manufacturing Co. built a series of railway bridges and tunnels. Indiana, USA Deterling Manufacturing Company Deterling Manufacturing Company built “Talking machines” in Indiana.