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Shipping companies have transported goods and passengers for millennia. From small vessels built of reeds to gigantic ocean liners, supertankers and cruise ships




Bornholmstrafikkens High-speed ferry Villum Clausen was built by Austall in Australia
Bornholmstrafikkens High-speed ferry Villum Clausen was built by Austal in Australia. It broke the Guinness World Record and was recorded as the world fastest ferry on it’s way from the shipyard to Denmark.

DFDS – Det Forenede Damspkibs-Selskab

Det Forenede Damspkibs-Selskab is one of very few steamship companies that has survived until today.


Maersk is one of the worlds largest shipping companies, seen in Ports across the planet started in the 1800’s.

Scandinavian America Line

Scandinavian America Line, transported thousands of hopeful emigrants from Scandinavia to America.

Oscar II was built for Skandinavien-Amerika Linien in 1901, by Alexander Stephen & Sons

Thingvalla Line

The first Danish shipping company that sailed emigrants from Denmark to America.

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