Steagul Rosu

The Romanian lorry factory Steagul Rosu (The Red Flag) was created in 1948, on the remains of the pre WWII factory ROMLOC (ROManian LOComotive and wagon factory).

In the beginning the factory built local versions of the soviet ZIS-150 truck, but in 1958 began production of their own vehicles. Most of these were powered by a copy of Fords “Y” model V8. The engine only produced just over 100HP, so the large trucks were not the fastest vehicles on the road.

One of the well known trucks was the hardy four wheel driven SR-132, primarily used as a flatbed lorry. However it was also used as the basis for the fire engine shown here.

SR-113 “Bucegi”:

In the 1970s the factory began producing licenced DAC, and worked together with MAN.

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