Soft water Apollinaris from the brewery Sydfyn
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Soda breweries

A century ago there were small factories all over the world, who produces soda-pop, mineralwater and fizzy drinks. Europe Denmark A. Bach & Søn A. Bach & Søn (& Son) was a Danish manufacturer. Bornholms Bryggeri Carlsberg Internationally Carlsberg is best known for their beer, but localy in Denmark, they also produce fizzy drinks, and […]

The entrance to the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark
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Amusement parks

Amusement parks have been a central part of children’s life for more than a century. They have evolved from more adult orientated entertainment, to rides for a younger group, accompanied by loud music and bright lights. Europe Denmark Bonbon land The Danish confectionery factory Bonbon built their own amusement park Bonbon Land, close to their […]

Piggybank from Sjællandske Bank in Denmark
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The banks own piggy banks

Often banks have money boxes/piggy banks for their younger customers. These can be found in any shape, size and material. Europe Denmark Arbejdernes Landsbank Hasle Bank Holsteinborg Sparekasse Sjællandske Bank Sjællandske Bank A/S had a porcelain piggy bank, with their logo on it’s snout. Tejn Bank Does/did your local bank have their own personalized piggy […]

Nicoltoys logo on a wooden box
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Toy factories

There has been a long row of toy factories, producing toys for all the children in the world. Some have closed and others have merged into larger companies Europe Denmark BR Legetøj Tekno England Nicoltoys Nicoltoys was a Sussex based company, that made all kinds of toys in the mid 1900s Germany Fisher The company […]

Nicoltoys logo on a wooden box


The Sussex based toy factory Nicoltoys, produced a large amount of toys, ranging from wooden cars to fine brass microscopes. Their factory was located in Robertsbridge, Sussex, where it had the telephone number “Robertsbridge 11” We are as always, very curious and would love to know about Nicoltoys and their history. If you know more […]