Ruston & Hornsby

Ruston & Hornsby was established on the September 11th, 1918, when the to companies “Ruston, Proctor and Company” merged with “Richard Hornsby & Sons”. Aero engines 3.000 aero engines were manufactured at the factory during WWI Aeroplanes During the first world war, Ruston & Hornsby was Britain’s largest manufacturer of Sopwith Camel biplanes for the […]

Hillman Minx

The Rootes Group

The Rootes Group started as an automobile dealership in Kent, and was founded by William Rootes in 1913, and by 1924 they were the largest car and lorry distributor in the whole United Kingdom. Acquisitions Roots Group acquired a long list of British automotive brands. Hilmann Motor Car Company Limited Rootes bought the majority of […]

Nicoltoys logo on a wooden box


The Sussex based toy factory Nicoltoys, produced a large amount of toys, ranging from wooden cars to fine brass microscopes. Their factory was located in Robertsbridge, Sussex, where it had the telephone number “Robertsbridge 11” We are as always, very curious and would love to know about Nicoltoys and their history. If you know more […]

Vulcan Demonstration Van - 1924

Vulcan Motors

Vulcan Motors and Engineering Company Limited was created by the two brothers Thomas and Joseph Hampson in 1902. They built their first experimental car together in 1899, and after creating the company in 1902 they began producing their first Vulcan cars, with a 4 BHP belt driven engine. In 1914 they began producing commercial vehicles, […]

AEC Regent at the 1935 Commercial Motor Exhibit - Body by Charles H Roe Limited

Charles H Roe Limited

Charles H Roe Limited was a Coach builder based in Leeds. The company was founded in 1923 by Charles Henry Roe, and was specialized in building buses. The company was taken over by Park Royal Vehicles in 1947, and later Leyland Motors in 1962. Construction of buses under the Charles H. Roe name continued until […]

The Rolls Royce engined Vickers VR-180 tracked tractor

Vickers Limited

Vickers Limited built a large variety of products. Church bells, airships, jet planes, machine guns and Rolls Royce engined caterpillar tracked tractors, just to mention a few. The company started back in 1828, as a foundry, and one of their early successes were their church bells. The Vickers church bells were cast in iron, not […]