General Motors Futurliners

General Motors had a series of giant futuristic trucks, that toured America with the newest technology.

The 1936 Streamliners

The first set was a series of 8 custom built Streamliner busses.

The 1939 Futurliners

12 Futurliners were built in 1939-1940. 9 of these are still accounted for.

Each Futurliner was numbered and had a unique funktion.

No 1

“Miracles of Heat and Cold”

The exhibition of Frigidare products.

Number one is missing.

No 2

“Our American Crossroads”

As far as we know, GM held on to this, and keeps it somewhere in their collection.

No 3

“Power for the Air Age”

Contained a Allison J-35 jet engine, that was cut up to let visitors se it’s internals.

General Motors Parade Of Progress Futurliners
No. 3 parked beside a white Futurliner in the 1990s

Underwent a complete restoration in 2012 – 2014, where Kindig IT spent 22 months on the project, with the result being unveiled at SEMA at their november 2014 carshow.

Bid up to USD 2.600.000,- at an auction in Reno, in august 2016, but failed to reach the minimum bid.

A few years later it appeared in Dennis Albaughs large car collection.

This vehicle has the chassis number ADF859017.

No 4

“Diesel Power Parade”

No known location

No 5

“World of Science” and “Versatile Metal Powder”

Was a rusty hulk when it was bought by Brad Boyajian in 2002.

Was cut up in several parts, and used in the restoration of others.

Rear end went with number 8 to Sweden, the front end went to Futurliner no 10.

The rest was converted in to a car hauler, that still resembles the original futurliner.

GMC Futurliner - 1941
GMC Futurliner - 1941

Brad has tried to sell his car hauler several times, but nobody has matched his minimum price of USD 500.000,-

This one has the chassis number ADF859009

No 6

“Energy & Man” and “High Compression Power & Energy”

No known location.

No 7

“Out of the City Muddle”

Some time in the 1950s number 7 was owned by “Square D” who painted it black and yellow, and toured with their products under the name “Square D Product Caravan”. The vehicle was named “PRODUCT LINER 1”

Tom Learner in Poland, Maine got hold of it.

Number 7 was sold on eBay for USD 495.000,- on the 29th of october 2016.
eBay billed it as the second most expensive car, sold in 2016.
According to the auction page the odometer of “The largest barn find ever”, read 41.000 miles, and the original running gear had been replaced by a “366 with Allison”.

In 2017, it was in the hands of “Chrome Cars” in Germany.

No 8

“Around the Farm House Clock”

Number 8 was a rusty hulk when it was sold to Sweden. The owner, Nicklas Jonsson is restauring it.

gm futurliner


Chassis number ADF859016

No 9

Had an accident, and is seen 45 degrees in a ditch, with the left rear wheels hanging in the air.

Converted as a camper, and painted white with red chrome, together with a “stars and stripes” livery.

IMG_2508 GM Futurliner, designed by Harley Earl

Sold to “Chrome Cars” in Germany.

1939 GM Futurliner #9

Chassis number ADF859071

No 10

“Opportunity of Youth”

GM Sold it to the musician Vic Hide.

Later it was used as a promotional vehicle, first by Goebel Beer, and later for the Detroit based Cadillac dealer Dreisbach & Sons in Michigan.

It still had its Cadillac livery when it ended up at “The National Automotive and Truck Museum”

After spending a few years out back the museum restored it to as new condition.
The vehicle is often toured and exhibited for the public.

parade of progress
Parked in Auburn, Michigan in 1997
Auburn, IN NATMUS Collection (1997)

This vehicle has been added to the list of historic vehicles at the Historic Vehicle Assosiacion, as vehicle number 114.

1953 GM "Futurliner #10"
The rear entrance of no. 10

Location: “National Automotive and Truck Museum, 1000 Gordon M. Buehrig Place, Auburn, Indiana, USA

No 11

“March of Tools” and “A Car is Born”

The travelling evangelist Oral Roberts bought it from GM, and used it to attract large crowds for his sermons in Mexico.

Later Oral sold his rolling church to colleague David Wilkerson.

Several years later number 11 ended up rusting in a New York field, near East Meredith, and was bought by the bus company “Peter Pan Bus Lines”, to be used as spare parts.

Some time later it was restored, and on the 17th of January 2015 it was sold at Barret-Jacksons Scottsdale auction.
It was sold for more than USD 4.000.000,- and the proceeds went to “The armed forces foundation”

According to the auction site, the engine had been replaced by a “400cid truck engine”

No 12

“Precision and Durability”

Unknown location

Unidentified Futurliners

GM Futurliner
1940 GMC Futurliner - Fido
GM Futurliner

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