The Rolls Royce engined Vickers VR-180 tracked tractor

Vickers Limited

Vickers Limited built a large variety of products. Church bells, airships, jet planes, machine guns and Rolls Royce engined caterpillar tracked tractors, just to mention a few.

The company started back in 1828, as a foundry, and one of their early successes were their church bells.

The Vickers church bells were cast in iron, not brass.

Industrial Equipment

The Vickers company had success with their fast and nimble tracked VR 180.
It was powered by a six cylinder supercharged diesel engine, built by Rolls-Royce, and some have called it the fastest tractor of its day.

Aproximately 1.500 V” 180’s were built between 1951 and 1958.

The Rolls-Royce C6SFL engine was a 12.17 litre engine

Vickers VR 180 promotional video from the 1950’s

Wolseley sales

In 1919 Vickers Ltd sold Wolseley automobiles

The Wolseley Landaulette - 1919
The Wolseley Landaulette – 1919

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