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Before computers took over, there was a typewriter on almost every desk, and hundreds of thousands of typewriters were built and sold every year.


Adler built it’s first typewriters in 1898, and continued production until the business closed in 1995.



IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) started building electric typewriters in the 1930’s, but is probably best known for it’s “typeball” in the 1961 IMB Selectric.


Italian Olivetti started manufacturing typewriters in 1908.
In 1959 it bought “The Underwood Typewriter Company”

Olivetti Lettera 62 Typewriter
Olivetti Lettera 62 Typewriter


Remington Typewriter
Remington Typewriter

Smith Premier Typewriter Company

Founded as The Smith Premier Typewriter Company in 1886 by Lyman C. Smith.

The company has had many names, one of them is the Corona Typewriter Company.
Today it’s called Smith Corona


Triumph Contessa De Luxe Typewriter
Triumph Contessa De Luxe Typewriter


Bought by Italian Olivetti in 1959.

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