Hillman Minx

The Rootes Group

The Rootes Group started as an automobile dealership in Kent, and was founded by William Rootes in 1913, and by 1924 they were the largest car and lorry distributor in the whole United Kingdom. Acquisitions Roots Group acquired a long list of British automotive brands. Hilmann Motor Car Company Limited Rootes bought the majority of […]

Vulcan Demonstration Van - 1924

Vulcan Motors

Vulcan Motors and Engineering Company Limited was created by the two brothers Thomas and Joseph Hampson in 1902. They built their first experimental car together in 1899, and after creating the company in 1902 they began producing their first Vulcan cars, with a 4 BHP belt driven engine. In 1914 they began producing commercial vehicles, […]

The pope greets the people from an open popemobile

The Popemobiles

When the pope is on tour he is transported in special vehicles, affectionately known as popemobiles. These often have a platform surrounded by bulletproof glass. The popes car, carries the red lettered registration plate “SCV1”SCV is short for “Status Civitatis Vaticanae” (State of the Vatican City). This page contains a long list of vehicles that […]