Hillman Minx

The Rootes Group

The Rootes Group started as an automobile dealership in Kent, and was founded by William Rootes in 1913, and by 1924 they were the largest car and lorry distributor in the whole United Kingdom. Acquisitions Roots Group acquired a long list of British automotive brands. Hilmann Motor Car Company Limited Rootes bought the majority of […]

FIAT bus with Øveraasen snowplough - 1926
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Bus Companies

Since the invention of the “autobus” there have been bus companies transporting people from one part of a continent to another. Europe Denmark Bornholms Amts Trafikselskab De Bornholmske Jernbaner Københavns Sporveje England The Western and Southern National Omnibus Companies The United States of America Greyhound National City Lines National City Lines ran a series of […]

AEC Regent at the 1935 Commercial Motor Exhibit - Body by Charles H Roe Limited
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Coach builders

Coach builders are a rare bread nowadays, but back in the first half of the 1900s it was far more often to have a vehicle with a coach-built body. Especially vans, lorries and buses were delivered as a chassis, and a coach builder would fit bodywork that was tailored the customers needs. Today coach-builders primarily […]

Oil field
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Oil companies

Before the combustion engine became a household item, you had to get your gasoline at shops and farmacies. Today Oil Companies are huge multinational companies, with departments and petrol stations world wide. Amoco British Petroleum – BP Buffalo Lubricating Oil Company Was sabotaged by one of the founders of competing company Vacuum Oil Company and […]

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Car Manufacturers

Back in the day, cars were built in back yards and garages. While some were one-offs, others evolved into large scale production. Asia India Vehicle Factory Jabalpur Jonga Europe Denmark Hope Whisper Mini-El Sommer Zenvo England British Motor Boat Manufacturing Company Commer Cars Limited Rolls-Royce Triumph Germany Blitz Corona Fahrradwerke und Metallindustrie Corona Fahhradwerke und […]

Closed Gasconade River Bridge" on Route 66

The Gasconade River Bridge

The Gasconade River Bridge was built in the 1920s, and was a part of the old Route 66, between Chicago Illinois and Los Angeles in California. In December 2014 the bridge was closed permanently, after having been degraded as a emergency bypass road for several years. During the flooding of Central Missouri in December 2015, […]

Vulcan Demonstration Van - 1924

Vulcan Motors

Vulcan Motors and Engineering Company Limited was created by the two brothers Thomas and Joseph Hampson in 1902. They built their first experimental car together in 1899, and after creating the company in 1902 they began producing their first Vulcan cars, with a 4 BHP belt driven engine. In 1914 they began producing commercial vehicles, […]