Vulcan Demonstration Van - 1924

Vulcan Motors

Vulcan Motors and Engineering Company Limited was created by the two brothers Thomas and Joseph Hampson in 1902.

They built their first experimental car together in 1899, and after creating the company in 1902 they began producing their first Vulcan cars, with a 4 BHP belt driven engine.

In 1914 they began producing commercial vehicles, and during the first world war, their ambulances and 1,5 ton trucks ended up all over Europe, India and even Russia.

Vulcan Demonstration Van - 1924
Vulcan Demonstration Van – 1924

In 1928 Vulcan was in financial problems, and the production of cars ended. However the trucks and buses continued out the factory doors.

Vulcan was bought by “Tilling-Stevens” in 1938, but both brands were axed in 1953, after “Tilling-Stevens” was bought by the Rootes Group in 1951.

Vulcan vehichles were built at 13 Yellowhouse Lane, and from 1907 at Rufford Road, Southport.
Both factories have been demolished.

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