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Scandinavian America Line

Scandinavian America Line (in Scandinavia “Skandinavien-Amerika Linien”) was a Danish steamship company, owned and run by DFDS “Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab” (Loosely translated: The United Steamship-Company in Danish) The company originated as the Thingvalla Line, the first steamship company in Denmark, to transport emigrants directly from Denmark to America.DFDS bought the company in 1898. Scandinavian America […]

Kodak Instamatic 100
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The Eastman Kodak Company

George Eastman started what would become Kodak, by manufacturing dry plates for photography in Rochester, New York in 1880. Eastman founded the “Eastman Dry Plate Company” on January 1st 1881, together with his partner, Henry A. Strong. This company was renamed The Eastman Kodak Company on the 23rd of may 1892. Cameras The Brownie camera […]

Corona Typewriter Company
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Places and things called Corona

Before COVID-19 nobody thought twice over places or things called Corona, but that changed quickly when the virus spread across the globe. Today, you won’t see many new businesses starting with Corona in it’s name. Companies Corona Data Systems American computer manufacturer founded in 1982. Corona Fahhradwerke und Metallwerke Corona Fahhradwerke und Metallwerke AG built […]