Chemical Factory H. Jørgensens Kemiske Fabriker

H. Jørgensens Kemiske Fabriker

H. Jørgensens Kemiske Fabriker (H. Jørgensen’s Chemical Factories) was a chemical factory in Copenhagen Denmark. In 1928 it was owned by H. Jørgensen, and based at Vesterbrogade 57 in Copenhagen THey produced Amyl Acetate, Amyl Alcohol, Ferrum Reductum, Hiozin Nursery Powder, Ethyl Chloride etc. Known products Hiozin was a children’s powder

Burmeister & Wain's shipyard in Copenhagen, Denmark

Burmeister & Wain

Burmeister & Wain, who began as Baumgarten & Burmeister in 1846 was Denmarks largest shipyard and diesel engine factory. B&W as they also went by, delivered their first steamengine af two years, and again their first ship 7 years later. In 1961 Baumgarten left the company, and William Wain took over his role. At the […]

Denmark New York

Scandinavian America Line

Scandinavian America Line (in Scandinavia “Skandinavien-Amerika Linien”) was a Danish steamship company, owned and run by DFDS “Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab” (Loosely translated: The United Steamship-Company in Danish) The company originated as the Thingvalla Line, the first steamship company in Denmark, to transport emigrants directly from Denmark to America.DFDS bought the company in 1898. Scandinavian America […]

Plyfa boxes from the bakery "H. C. Andersen / Bagergården" and "J. P. P. Copenhagen"


The Danish box manufacturers strong durable Plyfa boxes have been used for everyday transportation of goods as well as securing equipment on expeditions. The sturdy boxes are made of plywood, with protective metal corners and edges. When ordered in bigger quantities, they often were delivered with the company or department name printed on the sides. […]